Tom Chandler Spends 90 Minutes With Internet’s Top Copywriters

On March 25, I was invited to participate in a roundtable with several other top Internet copywriters, including veterans Michel Fortin and Roberta Rosenberg, plus rising star Ryan Healy (not to mention hosts Mike Sansone and Wayne Hurlbert).

The show was titled:

A conversation in Social Media Tools. This month we cover copywriting with 5 of the top copywriters on the web. Hosting is Mike Sansone, a copywriter himself, and Wayne Hurlbert.”

Interested? While the show was aimed primarily at other copywriters, you can listen to the two-hour program via your Internet connection.

Simply click the button below:

We were a diverse group of writers — with widely varying specialties — yet we connected with each other’s comments. The most interesting content revolved around the changes occurring in the craft of copywriting.

Social media tools are changing the rules of the marketing game fast, and staying current is the only real defense against ceding your competitors an advantage.

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