Multichannel Merchant Site Wants Expert Commentary For Business Blogging Article; Contacts Me.

Who do you call when you’re looking for an overview of engagement marketing and business blogging?

Multichannel Merchant — a leading marketing site — recently published an article about Patagonia’s new business blog.

The writer (Tim Parry) wanted information from an engagement marketing perspective, and because I write a top niche outdoor blog, a Top 10 writing blog, and an Engagement Marketing blog, he asked for my thoughts on Patagonia’s blogging efforts.

The Cleanest Line: Patagonia’s New Blog

Patagonia — a leading manufacturer of performance outdoor clothing and gear — launched their blog in February of 2006.

Rather than stuff their brand new media channel with corporatespeak and product information, Patagonia’s done an excellent job of engaging with their customers (and prospective customers).

You can read the article here: Link to Patagonia Launches Blog


Tom Chandler is a copywriter and marketing consultant with 21+ years experience. Author of several top-ranked blogs, Tom Chandler is an engagement marketing/business blogging expert.