New Chandler Engagement Marketing Article Posted on Chief Marketer

My latest business blogging article for Chief Marketer takes a good look the Britannica Blog — a blog from a knowledge-based brand that’s existed since 1768. What’s newsworthy? Britannica wide-ranging blog posts articles designed to provoke engagement by challenging their readers on controversial topics.

Some call it linkbaiting — the practice of deliberately baiting readers to respond with controversial posts — but the term carries a negative connotation that isn’t accurate in this instance. The Britannica blog proves there’s nothing wrong with challenging content, and Britannica clearly isn’t trying to simply irritate readers with obnoxious posts.

Whether they’ve accomplished their traffic goals isn’t yet clear, but what they have accomplished is simple; they’ve drawn attention to their new blog, done so in a way guaranteed to attract visitors.

You can read my entire Chief Marketer article here.