New Writer’s Handbook Reprints Chandler Copywriting Essay

The editors of the New Writer’s Handbook – a collection of essays by writers for writers – asked to include one of my Copywriter Underground blog pieces in their latest collection (Volume 2)

It’s always nice to receive recognition from your peers. Especially when you’re being recognized for the quality of your writing.

In this case, I spoke to the power of the parenthetical statement. English teachers largely hate it. But – used properly – it creates a sense of intimacy with the reader.

From my article:

In skilled hands, a parenthetical statement will help bridge the gap between writer and reader, puncturing the invisible barrier between the two. (See what I mean?)

They give you the ability to step out of the copy and into the reader’s space. You can even share what feels like a private joke (just don’t tell anyone else!), transforming your reader from skeptic to confidant.

Today’s marketing evironment demands more from a writer than an ability to neatly arrange vowels and consonants. Audiences are bombarded with messages, and marketing is fast becoming a game of engagement, not manipulation or interruption.

A copywriter capable of selling generates sales.

A copywriter capable of selling and engaging customers generates steady, long-term revenues.

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