Online Marketing Boot Camp Sells Out, More Dates Added

When I was asked to teach an online marketing boot camp by a local economic development agency, I wondered how much interest we’d get.

A lot, it turns out.

Our first class (which begins Monday, February 23) filled up almost immediately. The waiting list grew quickly, and suddenly, we were faced with adding two more class sessions.

Overwhelming demand is a gratifying thing, though we can attribute the success of this class to something larger: An increasingly complex online marketing universe is forcing businesses and nonprofits to look for help.

They want to navigate the Internet’s confusing array of media channels, which seem to appear on almost an hourly basis. And yes, yesterday’s Web developer/graphics person may have precious little experience with blogs, social media – or concepts like engagement marketing, online CRM, or Return on Time (ROT).

We’re focused on making sense of the Internet, and doing so in these key areas:

  • Web sites (static vs CMS)
  • email/e-newsletter programs (still the ROI kings)
  • Blogs (notably integration with sites and email programs)
  • Social Media (a fast-growing category

With the online marketing world growing more complex every hour, it’s clear that consumers have more choices than ever – making connection (and engagement marketing) even more potent (and necessary) tools.