My Writing Blog Picked by Writer’s Digest In Their “101 Best Web Sites For Writers”

My copywriting blog (The Copywriter Underground) has appeared in the prestigious Writer’s Digest annual “101 Best Web Sites For Writers” review.

One of only three sites in the review’s Freelance category, I’m conveniently located directly below The Science Fiction And Fantasy Writers of America and just to the left of the Horror Writers Association, which seems appropriate given what freelance writers experience on a daily basis.

Naturally, recognition of almost any kind is flattering (when I interviewed fave fly fishing writer John Gierach, he said “any writer who says he doesn’t enjoy a little recognition is an asshole”).

I’m not sure how or why the Underground was chosen, though because I’m sick and my desktop computer hardware is failing me (on the eve of several giant projects), I’m guessing it’s a simple matter of karma; nature creating a kind of neutral buoyancy so I neither sink nor swim.

Then again, it could have been my winning personality, or perhaps my willingness to hyphenate compound modifiers (I’m going with the personality angle).