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New Chandler Engagement Marketing Article Posted on Chief Marketer

My latest business blogging article for Chief Marketer takes a good look the Britannica Blog — a blog from a knowledge-based brand that’s existed since 1768. What’s newsworthy? Britannica wide-ranging blog posts articles designed to provoke engagement by challenging their readers on controversial topics.

Some call it linkbaiting — the practice of deliberately baiting readers to respond with controversial posts — but the term carries a negative connotation that isn’t accurate in this instance. The Britannica blog proves there’s nothing wrong with challenging content, and Britannica clearly isn’t trying to simply irritate readers with obnoxious posts.

Whether they’ve accomplished their traffic goals isn’t yet clear, but what they have accomplished is simple; they’ve drawn attention to their new blog, done so in a way guaranteed to attract visitors.

You can read my entire Chief Marketer article here.

Tom Chandler a Featured Writer on "Business of Design Online" Series

I was one of 12 writers asked to participate in an online series of posts aimed at making it easier for designers (and clients) to work with writers.

Created by the BoDo blog (The Business of Design Online), the online series included tips about working with writers from process, timing and creative perspectives.


Working with designers has always been a strength; my background includes a sizable amount of design training, and there’s nothing better for effective copy than effective design.

Tom Chandler Spends 90 Minutes With Internet’s Top Copywriters

On March 25, I was invited to participate in a roundtable with several other top Internet copywriters, including veterans Michel Fortin and Roberta Rosenberg, plus rising star Ryan Healy (not to mention hosts Mike Sansone and Wayne Hurlbert).

The show was titled:

A conversation in Social Media Tools. This month we cover copywriting with 5 of the top copywriters on the web. Hosting is Mike Sansone, a copywriter himself, and Wayne Hurlbert.”

Interested? While the show was aimed primarily at other copywriters, you can listen to the two-hour program via your Internet connection.

Simply click the button below:

We were a diverse group of writers — with widely varying specialties — yet we connected with each other’s comments. The most interesting content revolved around the changes occurring in the craft of copywriting.

Social media tools are changing the rules of the marketing game fast, and staying current is the only real defense against ceding your competitors an advantage.

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Humorous Ads Boost Ridership For Shasta Summit Century

While I plan to write an in-depth case study for my “Success Stories” page, I thought I’d post the ad images here in the Newsroom.

A pair of humorous ads I wrote for the Shasta Summit Century, they were a part of a campaign that helped the organization boost ridership from 400 riders to 630 in only two years.

Summit Century      Summit Century

Humor sells, especially when it’s backed by solid market research. In this case, we decided what drew riders to this 135 mile ride over mountainous terrain was the challenge.

Once you know what you’re selling (and who you’re selling it to), the creative tends to take shape on its own.

My Copywriter’s Blog Named One of the Internet’s “Top 10 Writer’s Blogs”

My Copywriter Underground writer’s blog was just named one of the Internet’s “Top 10 Writer’s Blogs.

Copywriter Underground

Given the caliber of the winners, I’m in heady company indeed:

  1. Brian Clark’s CopyBlogger: This blog is the leader because it does an amazing job of helping writers improve their writing.
  2. Deborah Ng’s Freelance Writing Jobs: For freelance writers seeking new work, this site is your sole destination.
  3. Tom Chandler’s Copywriter Underground: This site provides regular doses of inspiration and writing tips.
  4. Liz Strauss’s Successful-Blog: This blog has some amazing insights into the craft of writing.
  5. Angela Booth’s Writing Blog: All writers will find something useful at this site.
  6. Kristen King’s InkThinker: This blog is focused on improving the written word.
  7. Anne Wayman’s The Golden Pencil: Wayman provides gold nuggets of information to freelance writers.
  8. Carson Brackney’s Content Done Better: Follow one man’s journey to write better copy and make a living along the way.
  9. Dianna Huff’s B2B Marcom Writer Blog: This is your destination to learn about marketing communications copywriting.
  10. Allison Winn Scotch’s Ask Allison: For writers looking to break into the publishing world, be sure to check this one out.

It’s a warm fuzzy. And a good indicator of the power of great content (The Copywriter Underground was only a few months old when it was chosen).

Business blogging is getting attention today. Tomorrow? It might be an essential. There’s no more affordable way to engage with your customers and prospects.

(Thanks to Michael Stelzner of Writing White Papers for handling the poll.)