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Tom Chandler Quoted in BrandWeek Article About Deceptive Mailing Practices

I’ve written a lot of direct response over the course of my 22+ year career, and I’ve always been an outspoken critic of deceptive mailing practices, believing they harm all marketers in the long run.

Brandweek header

That’s why BrandWeek sought me out when they wrote a story about the growing practice of deceptive mailers. While they quoted me several times, this quote received prominent play:

“What I don’t understand is why organizations allow deceptive practices to undermine their carefully [and expensively] cultivated brand images in the first place,” said Chandler. “I recently received a series of envelopes from a large credit-card bank where I held an account. All shared the same alarmist stamp that “Important Information” about his account was enclosed. “Of course, it wasn’t important information,” Chandler said. “It was a series of cross-selling pitches. After a month or two, I canceled my account.”

Rather than deceive, why not delight recipients?