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Chandler Asked to Build an Online Marketing Boot Camp

An economic development non-profit has asked me to create an online marketing boot camp – a series of seminars aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses create and refine an online marketing presence.

I previously taught blogging and email marketing seminars for this organization (both excellent engagement marketing media channels). Yet businesses today need access to the bigger picture – they need the ability to create an integrated online presence that engages customers and prospects across multiple media channels.

In other words, a simple Web site – static and without reach – simply won’t cut it any more. Instead, the Online Marketing Bootcamp offers an A-to-Z look relevant Web technologies, including:

  • Web sites
  • Blogs
  • Email/Enewsletters
  • Social media
  • Mobile technologies

Working as a group, we’re going to decide which media channels are right for which businesses, help them select technologies, craft content strategies, and create meaningful metrics to track their progress.

Internet marketing technologies are evolving too quickly for the average business to keep up; Online Marketing Boot Camp clears away the hype and misconceptions, leaving attendees with a solid, effective online marketing presence.