If you can’t write, you call someone like me ­- a copywriter. But if all you get are vowels, consonants and the odd bit of punctuation, you’re getting less than you deserve.

Fortunately, help is at hand.

After 25+ years as a copywriter, I know how to write winning copy. I also know words are simply the final step in the process.

It’s simple, really.

Without a message, you’re lost.

Without a plan, you’re really lost.

And without a knowledgeable guide to a chaotic marketing landscape, you’re lost in the dark. So what’s going on?

  • Marketing has changed more in the last five years than in the prior 50
  • Traditional channels still work, but work even better when integrated with new media channels
  • New media choices offer you the chance to engage customers and prospects – but how do you make sense of them? And what’s the ROI?
  • Customers are jaded – and gaining their trust isn’t a matter of buying a couple trade ads

In a chaotic marketing landscape, how do you find, convert and keep customers without spending a fortune?

You find someone who knows his way around online marketing – someone with a proven track record of success (hint, you’re reading him).

In simplest terms, if you want words, you can call anyone.

If you want success, contact me.

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