I’ve been one for almost 30 years. Most of that time I freelanced. For most of that time, I wrote commercial marketing work (ad campaigns, direct response, websites, brochures, email, etc.).

Along the way, I wrote some unbylined editorial work for clients. And the odd bit of bylined journalism for myself.

I liked it. So did the editors involved. (No surprise — my background is in journalism.)

Now I have two young daughters.  I’m a dad <gasp>. And I’m writing less marketing copy. But more editorial work, including a few bylined pieces.

I’m also writing op-eds, articles, position statements, blog posts and others for special clients (mostly nonprofits).

Areas of particular expertise include high-tech (former clients include Apple, AMD and many others), free/open source software (FOSS), the environment, California water issues, free speech/First Amendment, criminal justice reform, fly fishing and others.

To see samples of my work, just mouse your way up to the “Samples” menu. If you like what you read, contact me.

We’ll talk about the future.